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Atlassian – A leading global software company.

In my role at Atlassian as a Senior Designer, I co-managed a team of 15+ working cross product mainly with JIRA and Bitbucket. We were responsible for the touch points between products, how they interacted with each other and how they were used together seamlessly to help the development process. We worked on new features and also streamlined existing features responding to customer insights and UX research.

A large part of the design process was the close relationship I had with IX (content writer/designer) and QA. This triad of skills was integral in making the complex simple to achieve better results, and making sure there were no dead ends in the customer workflow and understanding. These collaborative sessions were often carried out at the whiteboard, with the iterative refinement and modification of journey maps and decision trees that help identify edge cases.

Other responsibilities included:

  • Style guide team updating and creating new patterns
  • In product illustrations
  • SVG animations
  • In-house education of team members
  • Design quality control in QA sessions

Bitbucket and JIRA whilst in the employment of Atlassian

  • skills: