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The Brighton Farm website, my oldest site, is still running!

Last week was the 14th anniversary of The Brighton Farm. The Brighton Farm was set up by Paul Silver with the aim of getting freelancing digital professionals together once a week. The “Farmers” who get their name from the first pub they met in have met every Wednesday evening taking only time off for Christmas. It attracts Programmers of all types, Designers, User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers, App Designers, App Developers, Content Writers etc.

Many Farmers put there freelance success down to the networking, conversations and contacts created over a couple of beers each week, as do I.

Back in the day 2005 I created the current website. I’m very proud of this massively dated website that has served so many so well. I am also amazed that with so many changes in browsers over the years it still works.

There will come a day when it gets updated, but not today!